bamboo interactive wall

The Interactive Wall Artwork is the result of ongoing research and development in unique material composites and cutting edge technologies.

“I wanted to offer an immersive audio/visual experience that is both enjoyable and intuitive without being overwhelming.”

This Artwork needed to stand on its own without the technology. Client brief required it to both protrude but also blend with the unique surrounding architecture. The Bamboo/Resin composite is the only one in existence and displays a sensuous finish that begs to be caressed. The joining of these two materials represents the contrasts that I constantly face in my art practice. “The melding of nature’s fluid rules with manmade rigid structures is a challenge that offers up endless potential and inspiration.”

As a result this work comfortably straddles the boundary between the synthetic and the organic. It is both wildly alive, of itself, while still consummately a construct from the human sphere.

An instrument of discovery and introspection unlike any other.

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